SCS Control Code Translation

SCS control codes that must be translated for ASCII applications, with their official name, value in EBCDIC applications, and ASCII value.

Table 1. SCS ASCII control codes
SCS control code point SCS control name ASCII applications should use
x'23' WUS (Word Underscore) x'01'
x'24' IMP (Inhibit Presentation) x'02'
x'25' LF (Line Feed) x'0a'
x'2b' SHF/SVF/SLD (Set Horizontal/Vertical Format; Set Line Density) x'1b'
x'2f' BEL (Ring Bell) x'07'
x'33' IR (Index Return) x'10'
x'34' PP (Presentation Position) x'11'
x'35' TRN (Transparent) x'03'
x'36' EBS/NBS (Expanded / Numeric Backspace) x'12'
x'38' SBS (Subscript) x'13'
x'39' IT (Indent Tab) x'17'
x'3a' RFF/RPE (Required Form Feed / Page End) x'18'
x'41' RSP (Required Space) x'19'

Note that code point x'03' is also defined in SCS as ATRN, ASCII Transparent. We use it as the ASCII alias for TRN (x'35'), so x'03' in SCS output is always translated to x'35'.