To Configure Maximum and Minimum Job Numbers

To define a job number range to be used by a JES region:
  1. Open the region start-up file using the Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI's Region Startup File Editor.
  2. Select the Region node in the Results pane. See number 1 in the diagram below. A properties window is now displayed to the right-hand side of the Results pane.
  3. Locate the Job Numbers category in the properties window and select whether you want the region to use 5 or 7 digit job numbers by setting the Restrict job numbers to 5 digits property value accordingly. By default the minimum job number used by the region is 1000. When you toggle the Restrict job numbers to 5 digits value between True and False, the default maximum job number used by the region toggles between 99999 and 9999999. To override the default minimum and maximum job number values, modify the values associated with the Minimum Job Number and Maximum Job Number properties. See number 2 in the diagram below.
  4. Click File > Save , or click the Save icon on the toolbar to save the file. See number 3 in the diagram below.

You must cold-start the region for the changes to take effect.