Visual Studio Managed Server Explorer

The Visual Studio Server Explorer has been extended to offer simple management for regions associated with a given database instance.

To use the Server Explorer to interact with a managed region:

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click Micro Focus Managed Servers node.

  2. Click ES.NET configuration.

  3. Enter the host address for the region
  4. Enter the Database instance the region is configured to use
  5. If you are using a non standard listener configuration, enter the details.
  6. Press OK and then refresh the view.
    • Regions available will be displayed. Only regions that have registered with the database will be displayed:

    • If an expected region is not present, go to the administration tool and start the region there . Once it has been started this way once, there should be no need to do so again.
  7. Right clicking on the region of interest will present a list of options
    • Start
      • Start the selected region
    • Stop
      • Stop the selected region
    • Restart
      • Stop then start the selected region
    • Associate with project
      • Select the project to be associated with the selected region for debug purposes.
    • Show the console log
      • Shows the console log for the selected region
    • Mainframe TN3270 Display
      • Invokes the embedded Rumba TN3270 terminal emulator and connects to the TN3270 port configured in the associated project