To Configure an SCS Printer

You should be familiar with the Enterprise Server for .NET management console and the process of creating CICS resource definitions.
Enterprise Server for .NET CICS supports two types of printers: SCS and 3270DS. By default, printer devices use the 3270DS data stream. If your CICS applications require SCS, you will need to configure an SCS printer for them. See About CICS Printers.
  1. Open your CICS resource definition file in the resource definition file editor.
  2. Open the CICS resource group for your new definitions. If you do not have a suitable group, create one. (You cannot change the system-supplied groups, which have names starting with "DFH".)
  3. Add a new TypeTerm resource. You can use any resource name not already used for a TypeTerm, such as "SCSPRT".
  4. Set the Device field of the TypeTerm to "SCSPRINT". The other attributes can generally be left with their default values.
  5. Add a new Terminal resource, or edit the Terminal resource for this printer if you have already defined it. The resource name should be the CICS facility name (terminal ID) that your applications expect to use for printing. (This may be a facility name specified in an EXEC CICS START command, or the facility name associated with a TD queue that uses a trigger transaction to send data to the printer, for example.)
  6. Set the Net Name attribute of the Terminal to a device name not already used by any of your Terminal definitions, and not starting with "NET". Make a note of the name you choose.
  7. Set the TypeTerm attribute of the Terminal to the name of the TypeTerm you created in step 3. The other attributes can generally be left with their default values.
  8. Save your resource file. Restart your CICS region or install the group that contains your new definitions.
  9. Configure your TN3270 client software to connect a printer using the Net Name you choose in step 6 as its "device name" or "LU name". Make sure it is configured to use the TN3270E protocol (this is often the default). If necessary, specify SCS printing; for many clients, both printer data streams are enabled by default.