Service Location Order of Precedence

You can set multiple locations for a service. Where there are multiple locations, the order of precedence from highest to lowest is:

  1. Command-line options, such as -dispatcher:url, where supported.
  2. For the listener, the optional attributes of the <region> element in order:
    1. the url attribute
    2. the host and port attributes
  3. Default.dispatcher, Default.sep, and Default.monitor URL settings in the <services> section of the service's name.exe.config configuration file or the web.config file.

    Each service has a configuration file such as listener.exe.config and monitor.exe.config. The default path for these configuration files is %ProgramData%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\5.0\SEE\config.

  4. Default.remoteHost and Default.port in the configuration file's <services> section. Default.port also sets the port used when exposing self-hosted services.
  5. Default.port in the MicroFocus.SEE section of machine.config. This also sets the port used when exposing self-hosted services.
  6. The built-in defaults. These include the default service URLs for self-hosted and WAS-hosted services, the default remote hostname localhost, and the default port of 9186.