Event Monitor

The event monitor is the seemonitor.exe Windows service process installed on machines that run dispatcher and/or SEP services.

An event monitor is responsible for:

Event monitors on different machines communicate with each other to perform specific tasks, such as:

A dispatcher, SEP or the user interface starts the event monitor (seemonitor service) on the local machine if it is not currently running. They automatically restart the event monitor if it is terminated for any reason.

Each SEP pool registers itself with its local event monitor when the pool is created.

Each region operating on a machine registers with the local event monitor the first time a request for the region is processed by a SEP.

The event monitor is notified when a registered SEP pool process terminates or IIS recycles a SEP pool.

Registered SEP pools are used by the event monitor to route ITRs, administration user interface monitoring, task-kill and region-shutdown requests.