To Configure a Partner JES Region with SSTM

A partner JES region must be configured with SSTM if you want to use CICS spooling. To configure a partner JES region with SSTM:
  1. Open the region startup file using the Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI's Region Startup File Editor
  2. Select the Region node in the Results pane. See 1 in the diagram below. A properties window is now displayed to the right-hand side of the Results pane.
  3. Locate the JES (ES for .NET) category in the properties window and enter the JES region's listener host name and port number as the values of the ES host and ES port properties respectively. A value for the ES JES type property should be specified if JCL is to be submitted from the CICS region. See 2 in the diagram below.
  4. Click on the dropdown associated with the SSTM JCL file property value and select Default SSTM JCL from the list. This will result in SSTM being initialised for the region without any permanent datasets being allocated. See 3 in the diagram below.
    Note: Selecting On Disk... or In Database Datastore... will result in a dialog being displayed from which you can select the name of the JCL file to be used for SSTM initialization. Selecting None will result in SSTM not being configured for the region.

  5. Choose File > Save , or click the Save icon in the toolbar to save the file. See 4 in the diagram below.

You must cold-start the region for the changes to take effect.
Note: The partner JES region and the listener service must be started before starting the CICS region.