Changing the Default Service Port using machine.config

This procedure requires administrator access.

The default port for the event monitor and listener WCF services is 9186. Add a configuration section to the .NET Framework system-wide configuration file machine.config to change this default port .

Use this procedure if port 9186 is already in use on your system.

Tip: From the user interface, you can start and stop processing, and monitor a region's processing. The user interface connects to an event monitor using the default port.
  1. Close all Enterprise Server for .NET components, services, and the user interface.
  2. Make a backup copy of the machine.config file.

    The file is in %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\Config, where version is the .NET Framework version used by Enterprise Server for .NET. Use the file in Framework with a 32-bit version of Windows, and in Framework64 with a 64-bit version Windows.

  3. Open machine.config for editing.
  4. If the MicroFocus.SEE section is not defined in the file, add a <section> element to the configSections section as follows:
    <!-- Added for Micro Focus SEE for .NET -->
    <section name="MicroFocus.SEE"
       type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler, System.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"
  5. At the end of the file, just before the </configuration> closing tag, add the MicroFocus.SEE section with the Default.port setting:
       <!-- Added for Micro Focus SEE for .NET -->
          <add key="Default.port" value="9186"/>
  6. In that section, change 9186 to the port used for self-hosted services.
  7. Save the file and restart all processes.
The components, services, and the user interface use the new port that you configure on the next time that you start them.
Note: The default port or URL settings in a component's .exe.config file, or the web.config file overrides the value set in machine.config.