To Configure a Resource Definition for a VSAM File On Disk

Use this procedure to make a VSAM database stored on a network drive or a local disk available for use.
Note: For VSAM files located on disk, you must configure the location in the region startup file.
  1. Copy the data file to a network shared folder.
  2. Open the resource definition file in the Resource File Editor.

    The resource definitions display in the editor.

  3. Select the FCT tab.

    The File Control Table settings display in the editor.

  4. In the Name column, locate and select the resource item that you want to associate with the VSAM file.

    The settings for the item display in the editor's Properties window.

  5. Locate the item. Set the file name only if it is different from the FCT entry name. By default, a CICS application looks for a data file of the same name as the FCT entry.
  6. Locate the Path item and ensure that it is clear.

    Use the region startup file to set the search paths for the data file.

  7. Locate the FileFormat item, and use the list to set the value.
    Note: A value of RDBMS specifies that the VSAM file is loaded into the database, so do not use this value for VSAM files on disk.
  8. Save the resource definition file.

You need to configure the location for the data file.

Operating regions using the resource definition must be stopped and cold-started before they can use the settings.