seemonitor: start an event monitor


seemonitor parameter parameter . . 

Starts an event monitor.


Install the seemonitor Windows service.
Do not display utility welcome and copyright messages.
-service_account:Windows service account type
The type of Windows service account the seemonitor service is to run under. The account type should be one of "localservice", "networkservice", "localsystem", or "user". Default: -service_account:localsystem (-i)
The password of the user under which the seemonitor service is to run. Used with -service_account:user and -service_username:xxx (-i)
-service_startup:Windows service startup type
The startup type of the seemonitor service. The startup type should be one of "manual", "automatic" or "disabled" (-i)
The user under which the seemonitor service is to run. Used with -service_account:user and -service_password:xxx (-i)
Uninstall the seemonitor Windows service.
The command output displays all of the messages that the command generates.

Installing and Running seemonitor as a Windows Service

seemonitor is installed as a Windows service as part of the Enterprise Server for .NET product installation. It is configured to run under the localsystem account with -service -nobanner set as its default command-line options. When running in a scaled-out configuration, you will need to run the seemonitor service as a user with sysadmin privileges to each of the region and cross-region databases used by the configuration. If you want to run the service under a different account you must first uninstall it using:
seemonitor -u
and then re-install specifying the required account. For example:
seemonitor -i -service_username:mydom\me -service_password:xxx
will install the seemonitor service to run under the user mydom\me.