EZASOKET Introduction

Enterprise Server for .NET provides partial EZASOKET support which is designed to emulate, as closely as possible, the IBM implementation documented in SC31-8518-01, OS/390 SecureWay Communications Server: IP CICS Sockets Guide Version 2 Release 8 (1999). It also supports some, though not all, of the features introduced in the z/OS implementation documented in SC31-8807-02, z/OS Communications Server: IP CICS Sockets Guide Version 1 Release 5 (2004).

However, there are some differences. Enterprise Server for .NET EZASOKET support makes use of the Windows .NET TCP/IP support. Owing to differences between TCP/IP implementations, there are some circumstances in which Enterprise Server for .NET EZASOKET does not behave identically to the IBM implementation.

To use the emulation, reference the MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.Public assembly in your managed project and compile. The Micro Focus emulation mimics the IBM APIs so there should be no code change required to call the supported functionality.

General Limitations