Start Debugging

For this stage, use the listener that you configured in the installation verification procedure. See To Configure and Start the ESDEMO listener in the online help for instructions.

  1. In the code, scroll down to the Procedure division, and set a breakpoint on the first line: EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDITION MAPFAIL(NO-MAP)
  2. Set any other breakpoints that you would like.
  3. Press F5 to start debugging If dynamic debugging is not set in the region definition, you will be offered the opportunity to enable it . If the Region is not started, you will be asked if you wish to start it
  4. A Rumba embedded terminal window is started and connects to the configured TN3270 port

    The Sign on to CICS login screen appears.

  5. Clear the screen, and enter acct to start the transaction.

    In Visual Studio, the code breaks at the set breakpoint.

  6. Use the debug actions to step through the code as required, and to set additional breakpoints as required.
  7. To stop debugging, choose Debug > Stop debugging from the Visual Studio menu.
  8. If the region was self started, it will now stop.