Installing and Verifying the Software

These topics describe how to configure your system, install the software, and verify that it is operating as it should.

  • When you re-install the software or install a new version of the software, changes that you have made to the default configuration files are not overwritten. The installation process does, however, install copies of the default configuration files which you can use if you need to recover the default setup. These are installed in the following location:
    • 64-bit systems:

      %ProgramFiles%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\binAnyCPU\SEE

    • 32-bit systems:
    • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\binAnyCPU\SEE

  • When you install a new version of the software, you can use the upgrade utility so that your region and resource definition files can use any new functionality that the upgrade provides.