To Add Programs and BMS Maps to a Database at Region Startup

A region startup file can be configured to deploy programs and BMS maps to the region or the cross-region database automatically during region startup
  1. Open the region's startup file in the Region Startup File editor.
  2. In the editor's tree pane, select Region > Deployments and select and expand the database item you want: Region Database or Cross-region Database.
  3. Under the database, right-click Map files or Programs and choose Add.

    The Add Deployment Path dialog box for the selected item appears.

  4. In the Add Deployment Path dialog box, type the filename to upload, or use the browse button to locate the file.
    • The File path field is where you set the location, including the filename, of the file to be loaded.
    • The Override file name is where you set the name that the application uses to invoke the program or map, if it is different from the filename.

      If the name is the same as the filename (for example, the file ACCT00.DLL contains the program ACCT00), you can omit the name.

  5. Click OK. The override filename and the file appear in the editor's Results pane.
  • A program or BMS map auto-deployed to the region database re-loads whenever the region is cold-started irrespective of whether it already exists in the region database.
  • A program or BMS map auto-deployed to the cross-region database re-loads when the region is cold-started only if it does not already exist in the cross-region database. You must either re-load the program or map manually, or remove it from the cross-region database before you cold-start the region.