Listener Configuration

To locate this screen

  1. In the Tree pane under SEE Administration, select Configuration Editors > Listener.
  2. Choose from the File menu items or use the icons to open or create a listener configuration file to edit.


Use this screen to create and edit listener configuration files.

Edit > Copy
Also available from the right-click menu. Copies the currently selected item.
Edit > Paste
Also available from the right-click menu. Pastes the currently copied item. This is available only when the cursor is in a valid location for the copied item.
File > New
Creates a new default listener configuration.
File > Open
Opens an existing listener configuration file.
File > Save
Saves the currently open listener configuration.
File > Close
Closes the open listener configuration.
Options > Start Listener
Starts a listener using the configurations.
Options > Stop Listener
Stops the listener.