RestClient Class

Micro Focus supplies a public class, MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.RestClient in the MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.Public.dll assembly, which can be used to make REST requests. It provides a simple interface for invoking the type of web service exposed by the CICS REST web service feature.

To use the RestClient class, construct a RestClient object using one of the new overloads. You can call new with a string containing the service URL, a .NET Framework Uri object representing the service URL, or with the host, port, and transaction ID as separate strings.

After creating the object, use either the MakeRequest or MakeBinaryRequest method of the object to make one or more requests. MakeRequest takes a string (which can be null) containing request data, and returns a string with the response data. MakeBinaryRequest takes a byte array (declared as binary-char unsigned occurs any in managed COBOL) for request data, which can be null, and returns a byte array with the response data. Both methods use the .NET Framework's WebRequest and JsonSerializer classes, which will raise exceptions if errors occur.