IIS and WAS problems

If a WAS-hosted region does not start and "cannot contact" messages or thread abort messages appear, a good first step is to ensure that the WAS infrastructure is set up correctly.

As part of the initial setup, wassetup should be run. If it was not, then run it now.

If IIS or WAS is behaving inconsistently, the first thing to do is to use the wasreset command to reset the environment. The command kills all Enterprise Server for .NET processes and re-cycles IIS and WAS.

Note: Running wasreset with the /full option removes all active w3wp processes and terminates any active transactions.

Other steps to take include the following:

The following steps could be used with Micro Focus SupportLine:
  • See if anything relevant appears in the event logs.
  • Activate and use the Micro Focus common tracing facility.