Checking the Communications Process

When you take the data capture, you should also check that the communications process (MFCS) is still running. If it is, you can then check what it is currently doing. To do this:

  1. Write down the hostname of the machine where the enterprise server instance is running.
  2. Go to the Enterprise Server Administration Web interface. In the list of servers on the Home page, find the enterprise server instance that you want to check. The Communications Processes column lists one or more communications processes for that server. Write down each of the port numbers shown in the column. (The port number is the last part of the address, after the second colon.)
  3. In a web browser, go to the following URL:

    where hostname is the hostname (or IP address) from step 1 and port is the first port number from step 2.

    If MFCS is working correctly, you should see a response similar to the following:

  4. Repeat step 3 using "MF_STATISTICS" instead of "MF_KEEPALIVE". You then see a response showing what MFCS is currently doing, how many conversations it has processed, and other information.

If you are running multiple communications processes, you can check each one in turn using this method. Each of the port numbers you recorded in step 2 corresponds to a communications process. Note that some of your communications processes for a given server may be disabled; they do not need to be checked.