IMS Trigger Monitoring

Enterprise Server provides functionality for WebSphere MQ Trigger Monitoring for IMS, allowing IMS MPP programs to be scheduled when WebSphere MQ messages arrive on a designated WebSphere MQ queue.

Depending on your user granted permissions, you can do all or some of the following:

To enable trigger monitoring, IBM WebSphere MQ Server or IBM WebSphere MQ Client must be installed on the machine where Enterprise Server is running.

WebSphere MQ objects required for triggering must be defined. These are:
  • An application queue with the trigger control set on, a recommended trigger type of 'First'. The application queue will reference the process and initiation queue.
  • A process definition with the application type set to an integer value of 3 and an application id set to the IMS MPP transaction to be started. (The integer value of 3 for the application type is the numeric designation for IMS and ensures compatibility with WebSphere MQ UNIX installations.)
  • An initiation queue
The objects need to be defined from the WebSphere MQ command line or IDE. See IBM WebSphere MQ Queue Parameters documentation for details on how to do this.