Configuring Enterprise Server for WebSphere MQ Trigger Monitors

The Enterprise Server region must be configured for both IMS and JES. For JES, you must define a batch initiator to process “class A” jobs. You need to ensure that enough initiators are defined for the job class to run all instances of the trigger monitor plus any other submitted jobs that will run under that class.

You also need to generate a PSB for the trigger monitor and create an XA resource to allow MPP applications to interface with IBM WebSphere MQ. A sample PSB definition file, CSQ4TRMN.PSB is included in the $COBDIR/src/enterpriseserver/ims/mq folder.

The path to any IMS MPP transactions that are started by the Trigger Monitor must be present on the IMS TM Application Path.

If you have not installed the IBM MQ client or server in the default location, you must use the ES_MQ_LIB environment variable (or the ES_MQ_LIB_T environment variable for threaded environments) to identify the full name including the path of the IBM MQ library appropriate to your platform.
Important: In AIX environments the library is an object inside a shared object. For example
In addition, you must also:
  • Enable MQ listener support in Enterprise Server Administration
  • Define an MQ listener to monitor the appropriate initiation queue