To run an IMS transaction from a 3270 session

Note: See Configuring IMS-enabled Enterprise Servers for more info on how to define transactions in an enterprise server.

Before you run your IMS transaction in an enterprise server you must first run the /IMS transaction to set up the enterprise server to run in IMS mode. Once you have done this, you run an IMS transaction in the same way as you would run it on the mainframe. If you run it from a 3270 terminal or emulator, you enter transaction IDs at the terminal. Note that on a PC the keys assigned to act as the CICS keys depend on your TN3270 emulator. For example, in many cases the Escape key is used as the 3270 Clear key, and the right-hand Ctrl key is used as the 3270 Enter key.

To run an IMS transaction from a 3270 session:

  1. Enter /IMS to switch the enterprise server to IMS mode.
  2. Enter the name of your transaction followed by a trailing space.
  • The trailing space after the transaction name might not be required depending on your configuration. See the Trailing space entry in the IMS Configuration topic for details.
  • To switch from IMS mode back to CICS mode, use the /CIC transaction.
  • The /CIC and /IMS transactions is defined in the DFHSIGN group. To add these transactions to your resource definition file you must run the caspcupg command, as described in the section Adding IMS-specific Resource Definitions in the chapter Configuring IMS-enabled Enterprise Servers for IMS in your Mainframe Subsystem Support Configuration and Administration Guide.