Use this page to create a new Program Load Table (PLT).

Click SAVE to save the PLT.

Click COPY to create a new PLT, using the values set on this page as the basis for the new PLT.

Click DELETE to delete this PLT.

Click DUMP to create and view dump information for this PLT.

Click * NEW to add a program to load.

Click APPLY to save your changes to the PLT.

Specify a name for the PLT.
Choose a group to which this PLT will belong. The list of groups from which you can choose include only those that can be edited by you.
Specify a description of the transaction program (can be up to 60 characters).


Program Name
The name of the PLT program.
Specify how the program is run:
The program should be run once, when the PLT is first initiated.
In each process
The program is run in each process, every time the PLT is initiated.