Configuring Error Codes

Once the FTP client program executes, MFFTP scans the output looking for standard FTP responses. These take the form of 3-digit codes – for example, 331 which means the user id is correct but a password is required. Based on these codes, MFFTP sets the JCL condition code to either 0 for no errors or 4 for one or more errors.

Generally, error 332 and the codes in the 4nn and 5nn range are treated as errors.

If no messages are found, this indicates that the client was unable to connect to the server and the return code is set to 8.

If the messages which are predefined as errors do not meet your needs, you can change them using the user-configurable module, MFFTPURR. Each message is given a “pass” or “fail” rating which you can change and compile. If an MFFTPURR load module is found, its definitions will be used instead of the default ones.