Configuring the Text of Messages

The text of each message is determined by the FTP server in use rather than by MFFTP, and varies depending on the server implementation. When checking the pass or fail status of each message, another user-configurable module, MFFTPMSG, is available to alter the text of the message.

MFFTPMSG provides an example of how to replace the text of the message identified by code 230 with the simple text “User logged on”. Replacing the text in this way can be useful when you want to hide the name of the user. As with MFFTPURR, the load module is used, if located.

MFFTPMSG and MFFTPURR are sample programs shipped with the product in the src directory of the <install-dir> directory. If you want to use any of these modules, you need to compile them and put them in a location where they can be loaded by the run-time system - on the PATH defined as the ‘JES Program Path’ in the definition of the enterprise server instance.