CICS PIPELINE - pipeline_name (group_name)

Use this page to view and edit the PIPELINE pipeline_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

Click Apply to save changes you have made to the page and refresh the page.


Shows the name of this PIPELINE definition. If you click Apply, the message Update complete is also displayed when the changes you have made to the PIPELINE have been saved and the entry updated. Click Refresh to remove this message.


Specify a description of the transaction program (can be up to 60 characters).

Choose a status for the PIPELINE:
  • Enabled - enables this PIPELINE.
  • Disabled - disables the PIPELINE.
Resp Wait
  • DEFT - indicates the default value of the transport protocol. HTTP is 10 seconds. MQ is 60 seconds.
  • 0-9999 - the number of seconds that an application should wait for a response message from the service.
Config File
Shows the fully qualified pipeline configuration file.
Must reference a valid directory, but currently unused.
WebSvc Dir
Shows the fully qualified name of the web service binding directory. When the PIPELINE is installed, this directory is scanned for .wsbind files and a WEBSERVICE resource is created and installed for each file found.