PL/I-Specific Environment Variables

This topic lists environment variables relate to configuring the PL/I environment.

Note: The Environment Variables: Alphabetical Order topic contains the values for most environment variables.
Variable Description

Determines whether the PL/I program converts the PCB address list from a direct to an indirect addressing technique. Set the variable to one of the following:

If the main program is a PL/I program, PCB addresses are converted from a direct to an indirect addressing technique.
Always converts address as long as the PSB language is PL/I.
Never converts addresses.

The default is D (which stands for dynamic).

ES_PL1_MFFH Enables Micro Focus File Handler to perform all Open PL/I I/O operations. The default value is "Y". If it is set to "N", then all I/O will be routed to old Liant file handlers.
ES_PL1_MFFH_JCL Enables you to run Open PL/I programs that access JCL data definitions. The default value is "N".
ES_PLI_SUPPORT Tells the CICS Emulation that it needs to load its subsystem support for PL/I user programs. The default value is "N".
IBM_DBG_LANG The language the IBM PL/I debugger should use
MFPLI_PRODUCT_DIR The location of the Open PL/I installation. It is used to find files needed for compiling and linking.