allowed formats


allowed formats=allowed-DCAS-request-formats


allowed-DCAS-request-formats Specifies the formats of requests that this listener accepts.


Default: both
Values: 1, 2, both


This setting constrains the DCAS listener to process just Format 1 or Format 2 requests. This could be used to configure two separate DCAS listeners, one for each type of request.

Format 1 requests are used by ELF to map a certificate to a username and passtoken. Format 2 requests are used by Automated Sign-On for Mainframe to return a passtoken for a user that has already been verified.

To avoid unnecessary security risks, Micro Focus recommends configuring this option if you only need to support one type of DCAS request. Also note that if you are using DCAS only for TN3270 ELF, you no longer need a DCAS listener. See DCAS Security for more information.