Communications Log

Communications (MFCS) log messages are displayed on this page.
The date and time stamp at the point the message was created.
Comms Process ID
This is an instance identifier.
The message contained in the log file.

By default, there is only one log file which grows continuously until it is deleted by an administrator. You can use the mf-server.dat file to activate rotating log files, and to change the level of logging. The mf-server.dat file is located in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\bin and \bin64. It uses the ini-file format of section tags in square brackets followed by name=value pairs.

With rotating log files, MFCS uses multiple log files, named log-1.html, log-2.html, and so on. When a log file reaches a configured size, MFCS moves on to the next file. If the file already exists then it will be deleted first. When it reaches the configured number of log files, it returns to log-1.html, overwriting it.

See Communications Process Log Files for more information.