Types of Resource

Each type of resource is defined in a separate table. For example, programs are defined in a processing program table (PPT) and files in a file control table (FCT). For each resource type, more than one table can be defined for the same system. And more than one table for the same resource type can be used by the system, except for the system initialization table (SIT), which defines parameters to control the initialization of the system, and the sign-on table (SNT), which defines user sign-on authorizations.


Not all programs need entries in the PPT. However PPT entries are required for the following types of program:

  • Programs started by Program Load Tables
  • Programs for autoinstall

They are also required for data tables.

Tables for the same or different resource types can be combined into a group. For example, you will probably find it convenient to combine all the tables for the resources used by an application (or set of related applications) into a single group.

All the groups that you want to be included in the enterprise server startup are defined in a startup list. During startup, MSS uses this list to check that the resources are available and performs appropriate initialization procedures on them.

For full information about CICS resource definition, see the IBM documentation.