API Return Codes (deprecated)

Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.

These return codes are provided in the mfaudit.cpy copybook for COBOL programs, and the mfaudit.h include file for C programs.

Value Name Description
0 78-AUD-RET-SUCCESS Success
-1 78-AUD-RET-FAILURE Unspecified Failure
1 78-AUD-RET-INVALID-HANDLE Invalid audit or audit file handle specified
2 78-AUD-RET-INVALID-AUDIT-CATEGORY Invalid audit category specified
5 78-AUD-RET-NOT-ENOUGH-MEMORY Memory allocation error
6 78-AUD-RET-OUTPUT-ERROR Error outputting to one or more output destinations
7 78-AUD-RET-PROPERTY-NOT-FOUND Property not found
8 78-AUD-RET-BUFFER-TOO-SMALL Buffer length too small
9 78-AUD-RET-VALUE-NOT-INTEGER Value is not an integer
10 78-AUD-RET-EMITTER-NOT-FOUND Emitter not found
12 78-AUD-RET-ZERO-LENGTH-DATA Zero length data specified
13 78-AUD-RET-INVALID-PROP-NAME Invalid property name specified
14 78-AUD-RET-INVALID-COMP-NAME Invalid component name specified
15 78-AUD-RET-INVALID-EMITTER-NAME Invalid emitter name specified
19 78-AUD-RET-NO-SERVER-PROCESS mfauditmgr process is not running
20 78-AUD-RET-ACCESS-DENIED Unable to access resource(s)
21 78-AUD-RET-TIMEDOUT Sending of event timed out
1000 78-AUD-RET-FILE-NOT-EXIST File does not exist
1001 78-AUD-RET-FILE-NOT AVAILABLE File(s) not available for dumping
1002 78-AUD-RET-FILE-INVALID-FORMAT Unrecognised audit file format
1003 78-AUD-RET-FILE-EOF End of file
1004 78-AUD-RET-FILE-NO-MORE-RECORDS No more records left to process
1005 78-AUD-RET-FILE-INVALID-NAME Invalid audit file name
1006 78-AUD-RET-FILE-NOT-DUMPED Audit file has not been dumped