Get an audit handle.
Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.


call "CBL_AUDIT_HANDLE_GET" using by value     flags
                                  by reference component-name
                                  by reference audit-handle
                                     returning status-code


  Typedef Picture
flags cblt-x4-comp5 pic x(4) comp-5
component-name pic x(n) pic x(n)
audit-handle cblt-x4-comp5 pic x(4) comp-5

On Entry:

Bit Value Meaning
0-29   Reserved for future use (must be 0)
30 0 component-name is space-terminated
  1 component-name is null-terminated
    (ignored if bit 31 unset)
31   Reserved for future use (must be 0)
Space- or null-terminated (depending upon bit 30 setting) case-insensitive component identifier string.

On Exit:

Audit handle to be specified to the CBL_AUDIT_EVENT API.

Return Codes:



Components should invoke this API to acquire an audit handle before performing any auditing operations. This API returns an audit handle that should be passed to the CBL_AUDIT_EVENT API.

Please note that the CBL_AUDIT_EVENT API allows a component to be specified as a handle or as a string depending upon its flags parameter specification. This allows events to be output without first acquiring an audit handle by specifying a component identifier string instead. However, this will have an impact on performance as the component identifier will be validated each time.


Acquire an audit handle to output "mycomp" audit events.

copy "mfaudit.cpy".

01 audit-handle    pic x(4) comp-5.
01 component-name  pic x(7) value "mycomp".
call "CBL_AUDIT_HANDLE_GET" using by value 0
                                  by reference component-name
                                  by reference audit-handle