Structures and Typedefs for AUDIT_EMITTER_FUNCS (deprecated)

Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.
typedef struct audit_event
    cobuns32_t                version;               Version of structure format
    cobuns32_t                reserved;	             Reserved for future use
    PFI_AUD_EMITTER_INIT      fn_init;               Function to initialise the emitter
    PFI_AUD_EMITTER_DEINIT    fn_deinit;             Function to deinitialise the emitter
    PFI_AUD_EMITTER_OUTPUT    fn_output;             Function to output a trace event
    PFV_AUD_EMITTER_NOTIFY    fn_notify;             Function to handle notifications of emitter config changes
    PFI                       fn_reserved[4];        Reserved for future use

Version types (version):