To specify a listener for TN3270 terminals

  1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Details in the Communications Processes cell for the server to which you want to add the listener.
  2. Click Add in the Listeners column for the communications process to which you want to add the listener.
  3. In the Name field, specify a suitable name (for example, tn3270).
  4. Allow Endpoint Protocol to default to TCP.
  5. In Endpoint Address), set the port number for the listener to *.nnnn, where nnnn is a port number. You can use any number above 5000 that isn't in use.
  6. In the Supported Conversation Type group, click TN3270.
  7. Click Add.

    The Communications Processes page is redisplayed showing that the listener was added.

  8. Click Home.
  9. Stop the enterprise server.
  10. Restart the enterprise server.

    This has the effect of starting the listener.