Installing the Required Schema Extensions

Note: Before you commence this procedure, ensure that you have sufficient access, for example root access, to create files in the $COBDIR/lib directory.
  1. Make sure that the Micro Focus bin directory is in your path.
  2. Start a command prompt and go to the OpenLDAP install directory.
  3. cd to the schema directory.
  4. Generate the MFDS OpenLDAP schema by issuing the following command:
    mfds -l dc=x 2
    This creates a schema file, for example mfds_1.08.43.schema in the $COBDIR/lib directory.
  5. Now create a new file called container.schema, which must look like this:
    objectclass (
           NAME 'container'
           SUP top
           MUST ( cn ) 
           MAY ( description ) )
    The container objectclass is used to group collections of like objects within the LDAP server Directory Information Tree in the Micro Focus extensions.

    It is very important that when this schema file is created, there is no trailing whitespace on any of the lines that the schema file contains.