Dump data set

Use this page to view dump information, contained in data set, for the transactions on this server. data set can be A, B or X.


Click this to see detailed information for the dump selected. The detailed information includes the summary information at the end.


Click this to see summary information for the dump selected.


Choose a level of trace information that you want to be included in the trace tables in the dump. The trace information includes system trace tables and local trace tables. The options are:

0 Service start, module start, module end, service end.
1 Enterprise server API entries and exits
2 Subsystem trace entres
3 All entries where it is possible to provide some formatting of the data
4 All trace entries. This is the default.

This option affects what you see in a detailed dump, not a summary dump. Local trace tables (traces for SEPs) only have levels 0 and 1.

PID, Code (Caller)

Shows information about the dump:

  • The process ID
  • A code that helps identify the dump
  • The origin of the dump request
Date(mm/dd/yy) Time

Shows a date and time stamp for the dump. The time stamp is in hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second.