To dynamically tune IMS message queue performance

  1. In Enterprise Server Administration, be sure that you have set the ES_TMC_AGGREGATE environment variable. See To enable dynamic IMS message queue performance tuning for details.
  2. Start your enterprise server region.
  3. From the Enterprise Server Administration Home page, click the Details button in the Status column for your enterprise server region.
  4. Click ES Monitor & Control.
  5. On the sidebar menu under Resources, select IMS from the drop-down menu; then click the Control button below.
  6. In the TM System Overview and Control section, modify any of the following as required:
    • Transaction Threshold
    • Q Flush Aggregate, on, ms, Flush disable
    • Keypoint Freq

    See the IMS Control topic for a description of each.

  7. When you have completed your changes, click Apply.

    Changes take effect immediately.