Working with Large Applications

Although there is no hard limit on the number of programs that can reside within an AcuBench workspace, when you are developing a large application, it is generally more efficient to use multiple small workspaces.

In AcuBench terms, a large application is defined by the combination of:

This means that if you are using AcuBench without code generation, you can have a great many programs without affecting the performance of the workbench. (Note that you may still want to divide your application between multiple workspaces for ease of maintenance.) But as you design graphical interfaces in AcuBench and make use of the workbench's code generation and automation features, it is increasingly important to keep your workspaces small and efficient.

Regardless of the composition of your large application, any time you have multiple developers working in AcuBench, it is important to use version (source) control software. For more information on this topic, see Version Control.