The Working-Storage and Linkage Editor Interface

To open the Working Storage or Linkage editor, go to the workspace Structure view, open the desired Program node, right-click the Working-Storage or Linkage node, and select Open from the pop-up menu.

The Data Description Entry buttons (from right to left, Delete, Delete All, Add Item Before, Add, Add Sub-item, and Add Item) have the exact same function as the corresponding buttons on the Definition tab of the File Designer. In fact, each of the columns in the Working Storage and Linkage Editor interfaces exactly corresponds to a column in the Data item definition list on the Definition tab. Moreover, the Link COPY File and Import COPY File options function the same in both interfaces, and the Occurs Syntax and More dialog boxes are the same. For information, then, about adding data items to the Working Storage and Linkage Editors, see Adding a File Description.