Moving Components Among Projects and Folders

From within the Workspace window, you can easily move a program, screen, file, or data layout from one project or folder to another in the same workspace.

Moving a Program, Screen, Report, or Data Layout to Another Project

In the Workspace window, locate the project component to be moved and drag-and-drop it on the target project node. The component is placed in the appropriate area. If a component of the same name is already present in the target project, the item is not moved and a message is displayed.

Moving a File to Another Folder or Project

In the File view, locate the file to be moved and drag-and-drop it on the destination folder. The file is removed from the initial folder and placed in the target folder.

Note: The file is not physically moved; rather the logical link is simply changed. Also note that the workbench does not restrict the type of file that can be moved into another folder, nor does it generate a warning when the file type differs from the type that the target folder is designed to host. As a result, it is easy to move, intentionally or unintentionally, a file of one type into a folder meant for another type (for example, a source file into the Object folder).