The Debug Toolbar

The default Debug toolbar is shown below:

The Debug toolbar commands (looking at the toolbar illustration from left to right) are described in the following table:

Command Description Menu Equivalent
Toggle Breakpoint At the cursor position, sets or removes a breakpoint Debug > Breakpoints
Disable Breakpoint Disables the selected breakpoint Debug > Breakpoints
Clear All Breakpoints Removes all breakpoints from the program Debug > Breakpoints
Go Starts the selected program in the AcuBench integrated debugger Debug > Go
Restart Ends the current debugging session and begins a new session Debug > Restart
Exit Debugger Terminates the current debugger session, but leaves the debugger open Debug > Exit Debugger
Quit Debugging Terminates the debugger session and exits the debugger Debug > Quit Debugging
Interrupt Stops execution of the program, returning control to the debugger Debug > Interrupt
Step Into Steps to the next statement Debug > Step Into
Step Over Steps over the next statement Debug > Step Over
Step out Paragraph Runs the program until the current paragraph returns to the point from which it was performed Debug > Step Out Paragraph
Step out Program Runs the program until it exits to its calling program Debug > Step Out Program
Auto Step Lets you execute step commands repeatedly until the program's end Debug > Auto Step
Skip to Line Moves the current program location to the line containing the cursor Debug > Skip To Line
Run to Cursor Sets a temporary breakpoint at the current line (or closest line with a verb) and continues execution of the program Debug > Run To Cursor
Watch Window Causes the Watch window to be displayed or hidden View > Debug Window > Watch
Call Stack Window Causes the Stack Info window to be displayed or hidden View > Debug Window > Call Stack
Memory Window Causes the Memory window to be displayed or hidden View > Debug Window > Memory
Threads Window Generates the Threads dialog box View > Debug Window > Threads
Quick Watch Opens the Quick Watch window, which displays the value of a selected variable Debug > Quick Watch