Controls: Related References

In most instances, controls are simple to create and manage. In some cases, however, they are complex. In addition to the information contained in this chapter, detailed information pertaining to Property window items is located in the following volumes and chapters in the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set:

  1. Graphical Controls provides an overview of controls. It also describes the creation and use of bitmap buttons and the general use of paged list boxes.
  2. Supporting Concepts and Related Issues, contains background material concerning issues related to the creation of controls and screens.
  3. Control Types Reference describes individual controls in detail, including styles and properties and how they can be set. It also lists the events that can be associated with each control.
  4. Events Reference describes in detail the events that can be generated when you use windows and controls in an event-driven environment.
  5. Screen Description Entry contains syntax rules and general rules for the components of a screen description entry.
  6. Common Screen Options describes options that are common to Screen section entries and the ACCEPT, DISPLAY, and MODIFY verbs. It also includes the phrases used to specify a control's common properties.
  7. Procedure Division Statements contains the DISPLAY control-type format of the DISPLAY verb. It also contains syntax and general rules for the use of this DISPLAY verb format.

A general overview of ActiveX and OLE programming issues appears in Using ActiveX Controls and COM Objects.