Sample client.cfg File

The following file is included in the sample directory on your AcuConnect installation CD-ROM. You can use this file as a starting point and modify it to suit your needs.

# This is a sample configuration file used when starting your program
# on the client.
# You should edit it to match your needs. (See the AcuConnect User's
# Guide).  
# Use the "*" notation to point to the cobol object on the server.
code_prefix . *server1:c:\acuconnect\sample.
# Allow code name aliases.  A name alias is a substitute string for the
# literal name that appears in the CALL statement.
#code_mapping 1
#prog2 *server1:c:\acuconnect\sample\prog2.acu
# runtime flags on the server
acuconnect_runtime_flags *server1: -c c:\acuconnect\etc\cblconfig -le
# action to be taken with the connection to the remote runtime after a
acuconnect_close_after_cancel 0
# map special characters in client character set to their equivalent
# on server.
#default_map_file c:\etc\pc_iso