AcuConnect Error Messages

In the course of operations, AcuConnect may produce error messages that inform you of system problems. Error messages that appear when AcuConnect cannot be started are seen on the server by the system administrator who is trying to start AcuConnect, or on a client by a user who is trying to establish a connection to AcuConnect and start a client runtime.

Error messages that appear when a remote program cannot be started via AcuConnect may be different depending on whether AcuConnect is deployed in a distributed processing or thin client environment. See Distributed Processing Error Messages and Thin Client Error Messages for the various messages that are generated when a remote application cannot be started.

acurcl Start-up Errors

Messages generated as a result of the inability to start AcuConnect are different depending on the operating system. Two conditions can be responsible for the set of messages that appear when AcuConnect does not start: a missing or expired AcuConnect license file or a missing AcuAccess file.

Messages that appear when AcuConnect does not start:

Message Description
License file './acurcl.alc' inaccessible.  In a UNIX/Linux environment, indicates that the license file is missing.
This license for the AcuConnect product has expired. Please contact your software vendor for assistance Indicates that the user license is expired.
Access file '/etc/AcuAccess' not found. In a UNIX/Linux environment, indicates a missing server access file.
The AcuConnect service failed to start. Invalid or missing license. From the graphical control panel in Windows, indicates that the AcuConnect license file is missing or expired, or that the server access file is missing.