Distributed Processing Error Messages

In distributed processing, AcuConnect generates the following set of error messages after an unsuccessful attempt to start a program via the AcuConnect remote listener.

Program missing or inaccessible. Indicates that the program would not start, possibly because:
  • The called program cannot be found or permissions to execute the program do not exist.
  • The ACUCONNECT_RUNTIME_FLAGS variable contains incorrect parameters, such as an invalid error file path.
  • Permission to write to the server runtime error file does not exist.
  • AcuConnect cannot find the server runtime.
  • The server runtime license is expired or missing (Windows servers only).
  • The called program's return code indicates a failed call.
Connection refused - perhaps acuconnect is not running. Unable to start the server runtime.

Possible explanations for this message include:

  • AcuConnect is running on a port other than the one specified in the connection attempt.
  • The server runtime license is expired or missing (UNIX/Linux servers only).
  • The AcuAccess file does not allow access or it is missing.
Connection refused - User count exceeded on remote server. The number of users allowed by the runtime or distributed processing license has been exceeded.
Invalid license or license not found for this connection type.

The acurcl.clc license file is missing.

Various file status codes may also be returned to the client as error messages.

Refer to the topics in this help section for tips on resolving some of the system problems that can cause these error messages to appear.