Starting AcuConnect at System Startup

On a UNIX server, to start AcuConnect whenever the server boots, add the acurcl -start command to the system boot file. Your entry might be similar to the following:

# If the acurcl executable is present,
# start acurcl
if  (test -f  /acucobol/acurcl)  then
   echo Starting acurcl > /dev/console
   /acucobol/acurcl -start -e /acucobol/acurcl.log

On a Windows server, you should install AcuConnect as a Windows service. This causes the service to be started automatically each time the system is booted. If you don't install it as a service, it will stop whenever you log out.

We provide an installation script that gives you the option to install the acurcl daemon as a Windows service. If you choose not to install the service from the installation script, you can install it as a service as follows:

acurcl -install

You must be logged on to an account that belongs to the administrators group.

Alternatively, you can click New in the graphical control panel's Services tab. The service will now be started automatically each time the system is booted.

Immediately following the installation, you can start the service from the graphical control panel's Services tab by clicking Start. As an alternative, you can use the Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services menu option.

Note: Installing a service on a particular port resets all startup options for the service on that port. You can use all valid -start options when installing AcuConnect as a service. These options are stored so that the service will use them when starting.