acurcl -start

The acurcl -start command starts AcuConnect. On Windows servers, this option also installs AcuConnect as a Windows service, if it is not already installed. In addition, if no start-up options are stored, acurcl -start stores the start-up options to be used as the default options.

To use -start on a UNIX server, you must be logged in as root or superuser. On a Windows server, you must use -start from the administrator account or from an account that belongs to the administrators group.

Unless the-f option is specified, AcuConnect starts in background. If AcuConnect is already running, it outputs the following message:

acurcl is already running on hostname

and a new AcuConnect process is not started. If you want to start AcuConnect with new options, you must stop and then restart it.

Note: On Windows NT, 2000, or 2003 systems, it is best to specify acurcl -start with no options. This causes it to use the startup parameters that have been stored for the service. Typically, if you specify options with acurcl -start, these options are in effect only until the AcuConnect service is started again. The exception to this is if no startup parameters have been stored for the service. In this case, the parameters that you start AcuConnect with are stored for future startup use.

See Starting AcuConnect for a detailed description of valid arguments to the "-start" command.