This configuration variable applies only in a thin client environment. TC_AX_EVENT_LIST lets you control which events your program receives, giving you more control over the rate of network traffic. It contains the numeric value of a single .NET or ActiveX event type or a list of .NET or ActiveX event types separated by non-numeric characters like spaces or commas. Whether your program receives these events depends on the value of TC_EXCLUDE_EVENT_LIST. If its value is "0", your program receives the events listed in TC_AX_EVENT_LIST. If the value of TC_EXCLUDE_EVENT_LIST is "1", the events listed in TC_AX_EVENT_LIST are not sent to your program. Note that this variable must be set in the configuration file and cannot be changed programmatically via the SET statement.

An AX-EVENT-LIST common control property performs the same function as this configuration variable. See Graphical Control Event Handling for more information.