This configuration variable gives you some control over where remote program debugging occurs. ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD is undefined by default and may take one of these values: XTERM, TERMINAL, THIN, or THINCLIENT. These settings also determine what values the ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING configuration variable takes.

Setting     Result
XTERM The remote runtime creates an xterm and uses it for interaction with the runtime debugger.

ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING should be set to the name of the X server to which the xterm is displayed.

TERMINAL The terminal named in ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING is used by the runtime to interact with the user for debugging the remote COBOL program.
THIN or THINCLIENT The client runtime attempts to start an instance of the thin client with the correct parameters using the client machine name and port number specified in ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING.