Modifying an Access Record

Use the following procedure to modify an access record.
  1. Start the Access File Manager.
  2. Click option [3] on the main menu. The manager presents two prompts:
    Enter official client machine name:
    Enter client user name:

    At the first prompt, enter the official client machine name. At the second prompt, enter the client user name.

  3. If a matching record is found, the following message appears:
    Here is the record that was found:
    Client machine name:
    Client user name:
    Local user name:
    Do you want to modify the local user name [N]:

    Enter Y to modify the local user name. If you have a different local user name and want to change the record to "same as client," you can enter same as client at this prompt. Upper/lower case is ignored, but you must put a single space between the words. Don't enter brackets or quotes.

  4. If you enter "Y" or "same as client" at this prompt, you are asked:
    Do you want to modify the password [N]:

    If you want to modify the password, enter a new one now.

  5. After the password value is entered, you are prompted:
    Enter a new umask [002]:

    If you want to change the umask, enter the new value here.

    The record is updated:

    Record modified
    Press <Return> to continue...