Debugging an Invalid License Host Error

If you receive an "Invalid License For This Host" error, the likely cause is that the wrong port for your operating system was selected during installation. This can result in a mismatch between the runtime and the runtime license file. You can determine which port was actually installed and whether it matches your operating system by comparing the machine key numbers that appear in the Makefile to the runtime license file (runcbl.alc). Mismatched numbers between these two places indicates that the incorrect port for your machine is installed and can can lead to other errors or unexpecteed behaviors.


The machine key corresponds to a specific port and is embedded within the runtime. This same machine key must be in the license file runcbl.alc. The runtime searches for the runcbl.alc file attempting to match the machine keys. If no match is found, an "Invalid License Host" error is displayed. The runtime does not check to verify if the port you installed matches the operating sysem.